What Equipment Do Bondsmen Need For Their Job?

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Like any job that we will typically do a bondsman will have a specific set of tools and ways in which they use these tools.  Companies like Acme Bail Bonds will have specific tools that are required to be on their bondsman at all times.  Others may be special equipment that will be needed on a case by case basis. 

Many in the business of working with Orange County Bail Bonds will have the same level of equipment to protect themselves and do their jobs.  As they advance in ranks or given additional duties their equipment may change.  To start with however, here are the basic tools every bondsman will need.

Badge and identification

Before you are an official bondsman you will need to be issued a badge and other forms of identification.  This identification will have name, id number and other information pertaining to your rank and abilities.  This must be presented when conducting any level of business.


In many cases weapons such as guns, mace and handcuffs are issued to a bondsman.  These will be cataloged and examined over time to ensure that they are working properly and tied to everything that is done.  So, if an accident or purposeful actions was done, it can be traced back to the specific weapon.


A bullet proof vest will also be issued.  Along with other protective gear to ensure that if trouble does arrive, people will be protected. 

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Bail bondsman and others will use sunglasses to not only protect their eyes but to prevent people from seeing their eyes.  This is a form of intimidation and a way to prevent people from reading facial expressions.  If a fugitive can see fear in the eyes of the bondsman then all is lost.

These are just a few tools that are given to bondsman when they work their cases.  More advanced tools are given for specific departments and bondsman.